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1. Write or Die (1x01) #1
2. Flashbacks (1x03) #3

Saturday, June 20, 2009

2. Episode 3: Flashbacks forum chat log

[2:11:17 PM] creativewriting is logged into the chat
[2:14:38 PM] Guest 1 is logged into the chat
[2:16:07 PM] hi ko ko
[2:16:39 PM] W Kentucky is on the call
[2:16:44 PM] hi
[2:17:01 PM] wave
[2:17:14 PM] hi kentucky
[2:17:17 PM] W Kentucky has hung up
[2:17:19 PM] theoryoferin is logged into the chat
[2:17:25 PM] hi theory
[2:17:36 PM] ERINRINRIN :D
[2:17:40 PM] waves
[2:17:46 PM] theory is erin
[2:17:56 PM] creativewriting is on the call
[2:18:05 PM] go sahar
[2:18:16 PM] mmk
[2:18:30 PM] W Kentucky is on the call
[2:18:39 PM] hiii
[2:18:56 PM] Guest 1 is on the call
[2:19:29 PM] W Kentucky has hung up
[2:20:05 PM] can u hear us erin
[2:20:12 PM] i can hear you talking [:
[2:20:27 PM] howdy. [:
[2:20:38 PM] i just have no voice ]:
[2:20:49 PM] booooooo :(
[2:21:02 PM] W Kentucky is on the call
[2:22:10 PM] SlySionnach is logged into the chat
[2:22:17 PM] hiya sly.
[2:22:20 PM] hey
[2:22:27 PM] SLYYYYY :D
[2:22:32 PM] Sorry, I am cooking and not on the phone
[2:22:41 PM] lol
[2:22:42 PM] it is
[2:22:43 PM] she's right
[2:22:47 PM] kuu's got it down
[2:22:55 PM] lol, i'm eating xD
[2:22:58 PM] kuu kuu
[2:23:06 PM] sadly, no, just for my insane family
[2:23:14 PM] aww Tatra!
[2:23:21 PM] laaaame tatra
[2:23:29 PM] Tatra, you get 15 demerits
[2:23:37 PM] LOLOL
[2:23:43 PM] I can mock you without you hearing!
[2:23:46 PM] it's 'cos we're magic
[2:23:50 PM] magic?
[2:23:54 PM] poof
[2:23:59 PM] I got gipped on the magic front
[2:24:07 PM] jipped? gipped?
[2:24:29 PM] um. i think it's gipped
[2:24:31 PM] but idk
[2:24:33 PM] I think it is
[2:25:59 PM] SlySionnach has left the chat
[2:25:59 PM] SlySionnach is logged into the chat
[2:26:10 PM] well, my firefox doesn't like you guys
[2:26:36 PM] yes
[2:26:40 PM] Firesionnach indeed
[2:26:50 PM] fail
[2:26:53 PM] you fail
[2:27:18 PM] yay!
[2:27:21 PM] oh yay!
[2:27:33 PM] LOLOLOL
[2:28:14 PM] So Erin, I am editing
[2:28:17 PM] it is no fun
[2:28:21 PM] aw, i'm sorry ]:
[2:28:32 PM] I am deleting words like crazy
[2:28:41 PM] ooh. that always makes me sad.
[2:28:48 PM] aww
[2:29:30 PM] ]:
[2:29:31 PM] :'(
[2:29:35 PM] mine just started this morning!
[2:29:40 PM] I has no coughs...
[2:29:48 PM] so no diseases from me
[2:29:50 PM] ready! xD
[2:29:55 PM] am ready
[2:30:14 PM] you won't be left out!
[2:30:20 PM] I promise
[2:30:23 PM] I will telepathically tell you
[2:30:32 PM] telepathically
[2:30:38 PM] ...it bolded that...weird
[2:30:58 PM] actions
[2:30:59 PM] Micen is logged into the chat
[2:31:03 PM] dances
[2:31:03 PM] makes actions
[2:31:04 PM] yeah
[2:31:05 PM] crazy
[2:31:08 PM] crazyyyyy
[2:31:11 PM] hahahaha
[2:31:11 PM] The recording has started.
[2:31:36 PM] Wooooooo!!!
[2:31:36 PM] that just scared the piss out of me
[2:31:40 PM] lol me too
[2:31:48 PM] while I did a little dance
[2:32:27 PM] parties
[2:32:34 PM] discos
[2:32:44 PM] Hello!
[2:33:06 PM] hi micen!
[2:33:18 PM] Woo! Video Games are the best.
[2:33:27 PM] erin hearts video games
[2:33:28 PM] The cool kind, Connie
[2:33:37 PM] All Fantasy is the cool kind
[2:33:43 PM] pft
[2:33:45 PM] lies
[2:33:50 PM] pft yourself, you CHICK LITTER
[2:33:57 PM] hahaha
[2:34:29 PM] Writers - the new surgeons
[2:34:35 PM] ouch. plastic surgery is expensive
[2:34:35 PM] snips
[2:34:40 PM] nip
[2:34:47 PM] ...I am not a peanut.
[2:34:50 PM] YAY
[2:34:54 PM] Cashews are cooler
[2:34:55 PM] we are the comedians ;]
[2:35:06 PM] score. we are show notes.
[2:35:08 PM] we'll pwn
[2:35:09 PM] They are laughing at us
[2:35:11 PM] cries
[2:35:13 PM] pft.
[2:35:19 PM] we'll dance on their corpses
[2:35:23 PM] I have Sunrise Sunset going on in the background
[2:35:26 PM] DJFizzle is logged into the chat
[2:35:27 PM] it makes this really interesting
[2:35:34 PM] haha, i can imagine
[2:35:34 PM] annnd as long as I can play soccer with their heads
[2:35:36 PM] hi dj
[2:35:41 PM] hi dj fizzle.
[2:35:41 PM] hi
[2:35:42 PM] hello DJ!
[2:35:46 PM] that's a fun name
[2:35:48 PM] Hi.
[2:35:56 PM] Thanks
[2:35:57 PM] :}
[2:35:57 PM] I said it out loud, definitely awesome
[2:36:02 PM] hah
[2:36:05 PM] I hear your snickers kuu
[2:36:10 PM] for some reason talkshoe live won't configure right for me.
[2:36:12 PM] DJFizzle has left the chat
[2:36:15 PM] aww...
[2:36:17 PM] DJFizzle is logged into the chat
[2:36:22 PM] that sucks
[2:36:27 PM] hmm
[2:36:32 PM] Night time writing is the best writing
[2:36:35 PM] it is
[2:36:38 PM] thanks:}
[2:36:40 PM] in out, in out
[2:36:46 PM] Guest 2 is logged into the chat
[2:36:49 PM] All the cool kids do it
[2:36:50 PM] guest!
[2:36:51 PM] hello Guest 2
[2:37:00 PM] guest 2?
[2:37:03 PM] S.E. Hinton
[2:37:06 PM] whats ur name guest 2
[2:37:10 PM] brb 5 secs literally.
[2:37:11 PM] DJFizzle has left the chat
[2:37:16 PM] DJFizzle is logged into the chat
[2:37:18 PM] bakk
[2:37:20 PM] hello
[2:37:20 PM] hello
[2:37:24 PM] hi
[2:37:25 PM] wb
[2:37:33 PM] wb
[2:37:36 PM] ...
[2:37:39 PM] there is silence
[2:37:45 PM] is loud
[2:37:46 PM] The Outsiders was a good book
[2:37:51 PM] outsiders is the best
[2:38:06 PM] My mother made me read it...very glad
[2:38:08 PM] thumb up
[2:38:13 PM] Joseph is on the call
[2:38:20 PM] Piers Anthony is also cool
[2:38:26 PM] oh, there is a joseph.
[2:38:33 PM] hello joseph!
[2:38:34 PM] hello to the joseph.
[2:38:37 PM] ooh.
[2:38:38 PM] oou
[2:38:41 PM] unhello. ;]
[2:38:42 PM] MPD over there
[2:38:43 PM] ...
[2:38:45 PM] wait
[2:38:46 PM] lolol
[2:38:48 PM] rehello
[2:38:49 PM] we are lost in here
[2:38:55 PM] Help! Throw us a raft!
[2:38:58 PM] where's the map?
[2:39:07 PM] ah!
[2:39:08 PM] hello
[2:39:30 PM] DJFizzle has left the chat
[2:39:31 PM] DJFizzle is logged into the chat
[2:39:36 PM] sorry guys, I'm back
[2:39:51 PM] no problems!
[2:40:07 PM] Ou! What's your major? If you can see me!
[2:40:09 PM] if I exist!!
[2:40:17 PM] What is your guys favorite writing style?
[2:40:19 PM] who
[2:40:22 PM] Joseph
[2:40:24 PM] whos major
[2:40:34 PM] he may have said it, but I have a lot of background noise
[2:40:37 PM] writing style?
[2:40:45 PM] theoryoferin has left the chat
[2:40:52 PM] my style =) I write a lot of fantasy
[2:40:55 PM] horror
[2:41:07 PM] Guest 3 is logged into the chat
[2:41:07 PM] Hey! I exist!
[2:41:08 PM] Awesome
[2:41:10 PM] hey guest 3
[2:41:13 PM] what about you, DJ?
[2:41:26 PM] theoryoferin is logged into the chat
[2:41:27 PM] hi guest 3
[2:41:31 PM] fail internet.
[2:41:35 PM] Hm I wouldn't say I'm much of a writer, but If I do have to write, I'd love to write more of adventure
[2:41:39 PM] adventure book
[2:41:45 PM] cool
[2:41:51 PM] and aw, that's fun!
[2:41:51 PM] hi
[2:41:57 PM] Adventures are fun
[2:42:30 PM] thanks
[2:42:34 PM] I enjoy them alot
[2:42:47 PM] I don't think I've ever written an adventure novel, but I am in the process of a biothriller/horror novel...at least, setting it up
[2:42:48 PM] Micen has left the chat
[2:42:48 PM] Micen is logged into the chat
[2:42:59 PM] How long is it so far?
[2:43:18 PM] DJFizzle has left the chat
[2:43:22 PM] DJFizzle is logged into the chat
[2:43:23 PM] :)
[2:43:27 PM] Re: Flashbacks: Not a fan. If it can be melded in really well, it doesn't stand out too much. But oftentimes it's really noticeable. Especially with
[2:43:28 PM] italics
[2:43:30 PM] this peanut dislikes flashbacks
[2:43:34 PM] and DJ, it's only a few thousand words
[2:43:37 PM] Micen has left the chat
[2:43:38 PM] Micen is logged into the chat
[2:43:46 PM] the call has disappeared for me =(
[2:43:51 PM] i find them... slightly lazy
[2:44:05 PM] DJFizzle has left the chat
[2:44:15 PM] DJFizzle is logged into the chat
[2:44:24 PM] lazy is one way to put it
[2:44:33 PM] only slightly, though.
[2:44:33 PM] let me go try to get the actual speaky speaky back
[2:44:36 PM] mmk.
[2:44:39 PM] SlySionnach has left the chat
[2:45:14 PM] SlySionnach is logged into the chat
[2:45:29 PM] aha, I can hear
[2:45:45 PM] yay!
[2:46:03 PM] I think that in writing, it's sometimes as if they can't think of another way to show what has happened
[2:46:15 PM] and if there are a lot of flashbacks, it's usually an indication that you need to start your novel elsewhere
[2:46:17 PM] like taht event
[2:46:18 PM] DJFizzle has left the chat
[2:46:19 PM] *that
[2:46:26 PM] DJFizzle is logged into the chat
[2:46:33 PM] yeah. i agree. it's info that the writer thinks is important
[2:46:46 PM] ou I sound important
[2:46:49 PM] but they don't know how to distribute it
[2:47:03 PM] you are important [;
[2:47:21 PM] I mean, a few flashbacks here and there are alright, but don't just pepper them throughout your story
[2:47:26 PM] like italics
[2:47:33 PM] or goddamn ellipses
[2:47:37 PM] ...I hate them...
[2:47:42 PM] ugh ellipses
[2:47:49 PM] they belong in my livejournal, not in my novel
[2:48:01 PM] and even worse: people who use ellipses by putting 4 or 5 dots
[2:48:06 PM] lolol
[2:48:07 PM] New York is on the call
[2:48:19 PM] ooh, the whole state of NY is on the call
[2:48:20 PM] win
[2:48:40 PM] SlySionnach has left the chat
[2:48:41 PM] SlySionnach is logged into the chat
[2:48:42 PM] hellooooooo
[2:48:42 PM] DJFizzle has left the chat
[2:48:46 PM] yeah my firefox really hates this
[2:48:51 PM] time to beat it
[2:48:52 PM] ]:
[2:49:10 PM] okay, I caught the end of that
[2:49:18 PM] but I would think that if someone is in a dark room and trying to escape
[2:49:26 PM] no sadly
[2:49:44 PM] bringing in something to explain that would be kinda...deus ex machina
[2:49:50 PM] nod
[2:50:07 PM] like...pulling a gun out of thin air
[2:50:36 PM] (btw NY rocks)
[2:50:57 PM] heh, or a sword that just appeared on a saddle? ;]
[2:51:03 PM] ...oh ouch ;)
[2:51:07 PM] haha my smilie works
[2:51:10 PM] w00t
[2:51:18 PM] re: flashbacks in comics - I think that's a bit different
[2:51:30 PM] doesn't bother me as much, probably because it's a different media
[2:51:38 PM] yeah
[2:51:39 PM] same
[2:51:58 PM] joseph is a man of silence
[2:52:05 PM] The strong, silent type, I see
[2:52:13 PM] yummmm
[2:52:16 PM] lolol
[2:52:17 PM] Micen, your poor name...
[2:52:17 PM] Micen like the book OF MICEN MEN... bad joke...
[2:52:23 PM] hahah
[2:52:27 PM] ...that's what I always use to think of it, Micen
[2:52:35 PM] you just did!
[2:52:36 PM] yay!
[2:53:18 PM] cashew!
[2:53:18 PM] damn it
[2:53:19 PM] not a peanut
[2:53:22 PM] yes
[2:53:25 PM] Cashews are way cooler
[2:53:25 PM] get it right, connie.
[2:53:29 PM] Pistachios are cool too
[2:53:31 PM] and green...
[2:53:32 PM] hm.
[2:53:33 PM] they are.
[2:53:35 PM] hm.
[2:53:37 PM] Oooh
[2:53:46 PM] Muse is the best for my horror.
[2:53:55 PM] Nickelback for explicit scenes.
[2:53:57 PM] i used Muse for my fantasy
[2:54:03 PM] Muse is good for everything
[2:54:09 PM] and i'm all over the place for the other stuff
[2:54:13 PM] heh
[2:54:15 PM] whooshes
[2:54:18 PM] I listen to a lot of showtunes
[2:54:19 PM] whistles
[2:54:23 PM] oh man
[2:54:25 PM] showtunes i can't
[2:54:27 PM] i sing
[2:54:29 PM] I sing and write
[2:54:30 PM] and dance
[2:54:32 PM] I do not dance
[2:54:38 PM] I can't listen to instrumental
[2:54:41 PM] I hum the violin part
[2:54:59 PM] i can sometimes, but not a lot. i get too busy decontstructing the chord structure.
[2:55:04 PM] Guest 3 has left the chat
[2:55:05 PM] *deconstructing
[2:55:11 PM] heh
[2:55:25 PM] oh god, if I listen to foreign language, I try to figure out how to say the words
[2:55:30 PM] hahah, me too
[2:55:34 PM] my roommate listened to J-pop and I would go "What? Biscotti?"
[2:55:38 PM] hahahah
[2:55:41 PM] biscotti
[2:55:41 PM] "No, Sly, you idiot. It's somerandomjapaneseword"
[2:56:04 PM] and it's gotten to the point that I can sing them
[2:56:10 PM] that's funny
[2:56:12 PM] J-Pop, Connie, J-pop
[2:56:14 PM] or J-Rock
[2:56:19 PM] Guest 2 has left the chat
[2:56:20 PM] or K-Rock and K-Pop
[2:56:21 PM] pretty much
[2:56:26 PM] I don't listen to K-anything
[2:56:35 PM] me either. or j-anything
[2:56:39 PM] I have some J-pop
[2:56:48 PM] that I got used to from the roommie
[2:56:50 PM] like Koda Kumi
[2:56:57 PM] because she's a crazy cracked out whore
[2:56:58 PM] there is a dude that is the size of a large cow in front of my window
[2:57:06 PM] cookies?
[2:57:11 PM] ...
[2:57:12 PM] a cow?
[2:57:15 PM] yes.
[2:57:16 PM] this is not writing chat!
[2:57:17 PM] erin
[2:57:18 PM] he is massive.
[2:57:22 PM] cows are not appropriate
[2:57:23 PM] i know
[2:57:26 PM] unless they write your words for you
[2:57:27 PM] but i'm distracted
[2:57:29 PM] obviously
[2:57:39 PM] he's ugly, too
[2:57:41 PM] Anime Chat! time to talk of...
[2:57:43 PM] lmao
[2:57:44 PM] stop it
[2:57:46 PM] i think i'll make him a character
[2:57:51 PM] put him in your fantasy
[2:57:54 PM] w00t
[2:57:56 PM] make him the big bad guy
[2:57:57 PM] ew.
[2:58:01 PM] turns people to stone
[2:58:04 PM] with his ugly ass face
[2:58:05 PM] we are the only nonanime people.
[2:58:08 PM] hahah
[2:58:12 PM] I used to be an anime person
[2:58:17 PM] I was watching DBZ
[2:58:18 PM] but my villain is a hottie-bo-bottie ;]
[2:58:21 PM] ...
[2:58:27 PM] are you f-ing serious?
[2:58:29 PM] no
[2:58:30 PM] lol
[2:58:31 PM] hottie-bo-bottie?
[2:58:36 PM] he's pretty average.
[2:58:37 PM] me too!
[2:58:43 PM] but that's the science
[2:58:44 PM] i just wanted to say hottie-bo-bottie
[2:58:46 PM] and the chemistry stuff
[2:59:06 PM] dies
[2:59:10 PM] Chemistry is in my nvoel
[2:59:11 PM] or novel
[2:59:16 PM] it makes me happy
[2:59:22 PM] there is... sex in mine?
[2:59:29 PM] ...well you can't go wrong with that
[2:59:30 PM] SlySionnach has left the chat
[2:59:38 PM] SlySionnach is logged into the chat
[2:59:47 PM] Zombies
[2:59:50 PM] can't go wrong with them either
[2:59:59 PM] AFK I am AFK not here.
[3:00:12 PM] i read pokemon manga xD
[3:00:14 PM] (psst AFK implies you're not here ;) )
[3:00:17 PM] yeaaah!
[3:00:30 PM] and some of the kingdom hearts one
[3:00:32 PM] s
[3:00:36 PM] Erin
[3:00:37 PM] I have a question
[3:00:40 PM] writing related
[3:00:46 PM] she is in the fbi and she lies zombies
[3:00:51 PM] what is the biggest cliche you've seen in writing?
[3:00:55 PM] I am not in the FBI lol
[3:00:59 PM] but I do love zombies
[3:00:59 PM] cia
[3:01:00 PM] yum.
[3:01:02 PM] not that either
[3:01:03 PM] biggest cliche?
[3:01:05 PM] I am unemployed
[3:01:06 PM] um.
[3:01:09 PM] sigh
[3:01:09 PM] fda
[3:01:20 PM] idk. xD
[3:01:21 PM] ymca
[3:01:24 PM] I applied there...the FDA
[3:01:27 PM] not the YMCA
[3:01:31 PM] well, in chick lit
[3:01:32 PM] bff
[3:01:38 PM] what is the hugest cliche?
[3:01:52 PM] (because hugest is the best word)
[3:01:53 PM] is that a question for the group
[3:02:00 PM] I am back
[3:02:08 PM] well, the whole genre is based on a cliche
[3:02:12 PM] you can extend the question "what ist he biggest cliche you've seen in writing" to the group
[3:02:13 PM] "happily ever after"
[3:02:14 PM] that's fine
[3:02:16 PM] lol
[3:02:20 PM] happily is an adverb
[3:02:21 PM] no good
[3:02:26 PM] hahaha
[3:02:32 PM] fine.
[3:02:41 PM] "happiness continues through to the afterlife"
[3:02:42 PM] I base my stories on people I know, usually...and crazy people on the street.
[3:02:46 PM] wait
[3:02:48 PM] so when they're dead
[3:02:52 PM] there is no happiness?
[3:02:58 PM] they have to find new happy
[3:03:05 PM] ghost orgies?
[3:03:09 PM] perhaps
[3:03:15 PM] I'm down
[3:03:17 PM] woah
[3:03:18 PM] ghost orgies
[3:03:19 PM] unless they are reanimated and turned into zombies
[3:03:21 PM] i missed something
[3:03:23 PM] Joseph has hung up
[3:03:24 PM] omg
[3:03:28 PM] no
[3:03:32 PM] zombies are rotting
[3:03:34 PM] erin
[3:03:36 PM] you are a pervert.
[3:03:40 PM] well, that's why they aren't having orgies
[3:03:42 PM] Joseph is goen
[3:03:43 PM] *gone
[3:03:49 PM] he doesn't...love us sob
[3:03:50 PM] we're too cool for joseph
[3:03:51 PM] wqoifnqwefoinq
[3:03:53 PM] Pistachio
[3:03:54 PM] CASHEWS
[3:04:25 PM] aw, but that's what all romance is based on
[3:04:47 PM] SlySionnach has left the chat
[3:04:49 PM] SlySionnach is logged into the chat
[3:04:53 PM] alpha male + exotic location + sex = happiness through to the afterlife
[3:04:55 PM] oh I live again
[3:04:59 PM] wb
[3:05:00 PM] pfft
[3:05:06 PM] beta males are cooler
[3:05:10 PM] (total lie)
[3:05:13 PM] haha
[3:05:16 PM] i think they are.
[3:05:16 PM] i am alpha
[3:05:21 PM] i don't dig alphas.
[3:05:24 PM] I am an alpha
[3:05:30 PM] the boy is...a quasi-alpha
[3:05:33 PM] damn
[3:05:35 PM] we clash heads and it's fantastic
[3:05:41 PM] but I win because I have the chest
[3:05:42 PM] i am too. but i don't like clashing, haha
[3:05:48 PM] YES! TIME TO JUMP!
[3:05:52 PM] jump
[3:05:55 PM] u must send love leters back with correcctions on them
[3:05:56 PM] prepares to pounce
[3:05:58 PM] WAIT!
[3:05:59 PM] yes
[3:06:00 PM] ME. :P
[3:06:07 PM] I do not, I don't get love letters
[3:06:15 PM] yes, that's why it's all cliched
[3:06:18 PM] o
[3:06:19 PM] yes
[3:06:23 PM] it is.
[3:06:24 PM] they are to scared
[3:06:31 PM] I would love a romance that ends with "And then, four years later, they break up because this is real real life"
[3:06:35 PM] haha
[3:06:42 PM] i will make one of mine like that
[3:06:44 PM] of the twelve
[3:06:47 PM] lol
[3:06:49 PM] I will love you
[3:06:54 PM] idk whose
[3:06:58 PM] just put the epilogue that says "And four years later, they broke up."
[3:07:02 PM] but someone will end unhappy
[3:07:11 PM] "And X lived alone forever"
[3:07:13 PM] haha
[3:07:15 PM] Shamylan...spelling is off
[3:07:18 PM] Shammy
[3:07:22 PM] heheh
[3:07:25 PM] he's a pistachio too
[3:08:09 PM] SlySionnach has left the chat
[3:08:11 PM] SlySionnach is logged into the chat
[3:08:12 PM] book.
[3:08:15 PM] this chat room is failure
[3:08:16 PM] always.
[3:08:17 PM] book?
[3:08:20 PM] better than movie
[3:08:22 PM] oh hell yes
[3:08:32 PM] No!
[3:08:35 PM] I disagree
[3:08:36 PM] ooh
[3:08:42 PM] sly is going to beat your face xD
[3:08:43 PM] no
[3:08:46 PM] book is fantastic
[3:08:50 PM] oh god fantastic
[3:08:58 PM] what book?
[3:09:00 PM] Yes
[3:09:01 PM] but still
[3:09:07 PM] I like Stardust
[3:09:08 PM] good movie
[3:09:19 PM] oh yeah, definitely
[3:09:25 PM] everything is a personal preference
[3:09:30 PM] i haven't read / seen either
[3:09:32 PM] and I'm not trying to say you're wrong either =)
[3:09:47 PM] though I must admit, Neverwhere is an awesome mini-series...the book was based on that
[3:09:58 PM] in fact, I have watched it again...and again...and again...
[3:10:01 PM] lol
[3:10:03 PM] ...it's 6?
[3:10:06 PM] that's not late Kuu
[3:10:12 PM] there's plenty of night left!
[3:10:20 PM] shhhhhhhhhhh lol
[3:10:22 PM] books are able to do so much more
[3:10:32 PM] Guest 4 is logged into the chat
[3:10:42 PM] 'cos you're not restricted by what the film industry can / can't do, or isn't allowed.
[3:10:51 PM] exactly
[3:10:56 PM] with the book, you get to imagine things
[3:10:57 PM] ugh.
[3:11:01 PM] it's not a...
[3:11:06 PM] movies for the first ones are disgusting.
[3:11:08 PM] THIS IS LAW kinda thing
[3:11:11 PM] first ones of what?
[3:11:15 PM] harry potter
[3:11:17 PM] oh god
[3:11:18 PM] no
[3:11:20 PM] they don't exist to me
[3:11:23 PM] 5th one was good.
[3:11:25 PM] nope
[3:11:28 PM] book was still way better
[3:11:45 PM] oh yes
[3:11:48 PM] I will agree
[3:11:51 PM] they're entirely different entities to me
[3:11:52 PM] the 5th was pretty good
[3:12:02 PM] don't get me started
[3:12:05 PM] on those movies
[3:12:11 PM] i hate them when i compare them
[3:12:13 PM] I've had many rawr days
[3:12:18 PM] Connie, losing points
[3:12:19 PM] no
[3:12:24 PM] it's completely different
[3:12:25 PM] seriously
[3:12:26 PM] but when i think of them as two different series, it's better
[3:12:34 PM] don't attach them, and both are excellent
[3:12:49 PM] composer?
[3:12:50 PM] lol
[3:12:56 PM] composer?
[3:12:58 PM] john williams
[3:13:01 PM] nah
[3:13:02 PM] what movies/books are you discussing?
[3:13:05 PM] Harry Potter
[3:13:10 PM] and hello Guest 4
[3:13:11 PM] john williams did the first one? maybe two?
[3:13:17 PM] oh
[3:13:28 PM] I know John Williams did some
[3:13:31 PM] I read the first book only... and hello
[3:13:33 PM] I had to play the music
[3:13:35 PM] i think the first two.
[3:13:40 PM] what's your name, Guest 4?
[3:13:45 PM] because calling you Guest 4 is no fum
[3:13:47 PM] ...fun
[3:13:51 PM] fum fum fum
[3:13:58 PM] fu fu fu
[3:14:01 PM] Guest 4 has left the chat
[3:14:07 PM] latin christmas carol is now stuck in my head
[3:14:15 PM] hm
[3:14:26 PM] Would you want your book to be made into a movie?
[3:14:35 PM] totally.
[3:15:00 PM] I'm unsure of whether or not I would want mine
[3:15:08 PM] there'd have to be a lot of special effects
[3:15:21 PM] i only would 'cos more people would see the movie and then be like "ooooh, let me go buy this book"
[3:15:27 PM] Isn't that sad?
[3:15:28 PM] so i would get more money
[3:15:31 PM] it is sad
[3:15:32 PM] "I'll buy this book AFTER I watch the movie"
[3:15:53 PM] the amount of people reading is absolutely deplorable
[3:15:57 PM] it really is
[3:15:58 PM] you know
[3:16:04 PM] I was on the train and every time we got to a station
[3:16:10 PM] I counted the people who were reading
[3:16:17 PM] it was...about 3
[3:16:20 PM] ]:
[3:16:22 PM] the whole trip
[3:16:29 PM] and I live in freaking NY and that's supposed to be all educated, right? right
[3:16:40 PM] i don't read on trips 'cos i get sick ]:
[3:16:48 PM] oh trains are where I get the most reading done
[3:16:55 PM] I can go through a paperback in a trip
[3:16:57 PM] i usually sleep
[3:17:03 PM] I read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest on the way to Brooklyn
[3:17:10 PM] i can't even read very long on a plane
[3:17:12 PM] fantastic, fantastic novel
[3:17:13 PM] which sucks
[3:17:14 PM] aw really?
[3:17:16 PM] that is sad
[3:17:27 PM] yeah
[3:17:32 PM] thought
[3:17:33 PM] -t
[3:17:37 PM] though?
[3:17:43 PM] or hought?
[3:17:49 PM] if my book was being a movie, i would have to write the screenplay
[3:17:52 PM] oh yes
[3:17:56 PM] no question asked
[3:17:58 PM] definitely not letting someone else write my screenplay
[3:18:09 PM] I will learn how to write one JUST for that
[3:18:15 PM] yeah.
[3:18:17 PM] but yeah, no movie for me atm
[3:18:18 PM] maybe for Trip
[3:18:21 PM] I could see that as a movie
[3:18:40 PM] yeah... mine wouldn't really make it past lifetime xD
[3:18:47 PM] hey
[3:18:53 PM] Lifetime movies are good for you dudes ;)
[3:19:09 PM] haha, true
[3:19:57 PM] is someone beating on their mic / speaker?
[3:20:01 PM] Re the question: Yeah. In a way. But the director is paying homage to the author's work
[3:20:06 PM] so it should be similar, same themes and such
[3:20:09 PM] it sounds like it, erin
[3:20:24 PM] it is making my ears weep
[3:20:32 PM] weep
[3:20:43 PM] No! That makes me weep
[3:20:47 PM] weepx2
[3:20:49 PM] yeah
[3:20:56 PM] someone with an A
[3:20:59 PM] You know
[3:21:04 PM] mexican guy
[3:21:14 PM] I would enjoy
[3:21:18 PM] a movie of some of my works
[3:21:26 PM] because when I write, I think in a movie-esque thought
[3:21:28 PM] lol, i'm thinking of the 4th
[3:21:38 PM] Do you?
[3:21:48 PM] Are the scenes like mini movies in your mind?
[3:21:49 PM] i do sometimes
[3:21:59 PM] brb, i need something to suck on ]:
[3:22:02 PM] aw
[3:22:05 PM] I got something for ya ;)
[3:22:08 PM] lolol
[3:22:33 PM] but for my action parts, it's like I see the movie in my mind and I slow it down, analyzing it from all angles
[3:22:35 PM] best way to write it well
[3:23:06 PM] agreed
[3:23:08 PM] and back, obv.
[3:23:11 PM] no way
[3:23:41 PM] ugh. throat is dying.
[3:23:53 PM] don't die
[3:24:00 PM] just my throat.
[3:24:03 PM] i will survive
[3:24:31 PM] Actually, I do want something really close to the written work
[3:24:39 PM] same here
[3:24:43 PM] I get really upset when they add scenes that are kind of stupid or delete scenes that are important
[3:24:46 PM] and if you change the ending
[3:24:47 PM] I get rabid
[3:24:50 PM] it's different
[3:25:14 PM] if you change the ending
[3:25:18 PM] it's just not the same
[3:25:40 PM] if someone dies in one, and lives in the other, the message sent is different
[3:25:49 PM] talk to me about how they split the LotR movies
[3:25:51 PM] gr.
[3:25:52 PM] Guest 5 is logged into the chat
[3:26:19 PM] Holy hell I got in the chat. It's Connie
[3:26:24 PM] hiya connie
[3:26:26 PM] hey!
[3:26:34 PM] you missed my rabidness
[3:26:53 PM] exactly Micen
[3:27:03 PM] when I go to a movie, I want to see the book that I read
[3:27:12 PM] I don't want to see someone taking the name of the novel
[3:27:23 PM] changing the ending, or adding scenes
[3:27:30 PM] and calling it the same name
[3:27:54 PM] bah.
[3:28:16 PM] and personally, I don't know if you can improve on the original work
[3:28:20 PM] I mean, artistically, maybe
[3:28:26 PM] but to change the storyline?
[3:28:28 PM] that's not making it better
[3:28:31 PM] that's altering it
[3:28:34 PM] Sly... Eragon... enough said
[3:28:47 PM] didn't read or see that
[3:28:55 PM] so I don't know if you're agreeing or not ;)
[3:29:00 PM] god.. the movie was horrible
[3:29:06 PM] I have heard that
[3:29:12 PM] i am not in a popular opinion with this, but i love the chronicles of narnia movies.
[3:29:22 PM] i think they were handled fabulously.
[3:29:24 PM] I don't like Chronicles of Narnia =P
[3:29:27 PM] aww
[3:29:31 PM] but I have heard it being liked a lot
[3:29:34 PM] :D
[3:29:39 PM] cashews ftw
[3:29:40 PM] And the reason for that, probably (Stardust)
[3:29:45 PM] is the british vs. american humor
[3:29:59 PM] Yes
[3:30:02 PM] he was talking to the cooler people
[3:30:03 PM] duh
[3:30:05 PM] that one is fab
[3:30:10 PM] 1408 is remarkable too
[3:30:16 PM] I did like 1408
[3:30:18 PM] a lot
[3:30:24 PM] But
[3:30:27 PM] But they added an ending!
[3:30:30 PM] yeah
[3:30:36 PM] they completely fabricated
[3:30:38 PM] and ending
[3:30:41 PM] which was sadder
[3:30:44 PM] yeah.
[3:30:53 PM] but king approved of it, so i was okay. xD
[3:30:55 PM] yeah
[3:30:59 PM] *it
[3:31:03 PM] but yes, Micen, I agree
[3:31:08 PM] it was a good translation
[3:31:14 PM] if they ended it the way they did in the story
[3:31:15 PM] there would be riots
[3:31:18 PM] haha, yeah
[3:31:21 PM] and they'd go "AHAHAHA WE HATE THIS!"
[3:31:36 PM] You know what I didn't mind being left out?
[3:31:39 PM] ?
[3:31:41 PM] The child porn scene in IT
[3:31:43 PM] ugh.
[3:31:45 PM] yes.
[3:31:47 PM] definitely could do without that
[3:31:49 PM] no
[3:31:52 PM] they drive off
[3:32:01 PM] into the mist
[3:32:04 PM] indeed.
[3:32:13 PM] which is great for horror novels
[3:32:17 PM] but not so much for horror movies
[3:32:21 PM] yeah
[3:33:07 PM] I think horror movies sometimes are scarier than horror novels
[3:33:11 PM] because you can do more visually
[3:33:56 PM] yeah. it's easier to stimulate 'cos sometimes we can't imagine that crazy stuff
[3:34:00 PM] i haven't read the stand ]:
[3:34:04 PM] i'm a bad king fan
[3:34:06 PM] that's the issue I'm having with the writing now
[3:34:11 PM] I have The Stand, have not read it
[3:34:21 PM] i should read it
[3:34:24 PM] me too
[3:34:35 PM] 'cos i'm slowly making my way through the dark tower series xD
[3:34:38 PM] but yeah, with horror, it's hard to write scary scenes...it's just text on paper after all
[3:34:45 PM] but you have to really paint the mood and picture
[3:34:48 PM] yeah
[3:34:50 PM] and it can be even creepier
[3:34:51 PM] Erin you seen the tower diagram?
[3:35:04 PM] no, but i haven't finished the series. i'm only on book 2. xD
[3:35:09 PM] ugh, there aren't many
[3:35:17 PM] of what books to read in what order so you get the best effect
[3:35:19 PM] most of the movies are terrible
[3:35:22 PM] someone is typing
[3:35:24 PM] I can hear it
[3:35:26 PM] ooh, no.
[3:35:27 PM] tap tap tap
[3:35:32 PM] alot of his books tie into the tower
[3:35:35 PM] yeah
[3:35:41 PM] i've read a lot of them
[3:35:50 PM] aw, dan brown is an aquired taste
[3:35:58 PM] oh my chat is laggy
[3:36:08 PM] I just heard The Da Vinci Code
[3:36:35 PM] aw
[3:37:18 PM] w00t [:
[3:37:20 PM] is The Dark Tower good?
[3:37:25 PM] I was going to read it but I heard good and bad about it
[3:37:30 PM] it's okay
[3:37:35 PM] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Tower_(series)#Connections_to_King.27s_other_works there is the link for what books to read in order
[3:37:38 PM] gunslinger is terrible.
[3:37:40 PM] I think we're being kicked out
[3:37:43 PM] but the second book is fab
[3:37:44 PM] its great I love the series
[3:37:52 PM] I definitely shall have to read it eventually
[3:37:56 PM] I've read a lot others
[3:37:59 PM] suckup =P
[3:38:16 PM] I think that's all for us
[3:38:21 PM] indeed
[3:38:39 PM] New York has hung up
[3:38:43 PM] Erin, dont read past the warning... you will understand when you get there.
[3:38:47 PM] lol, mmk
[3:39:10 PM] are we to be leaving?
[3:39:20 PM] no idea
[3:39:26 PM] dances
[3:39:36 PM] You can chat if you wanna
[3:39:38 PM] oou Tatra
[3:39:42 PM] xD
[3:39:44 PM] your network is fail

Sunday, March 15, 2009

1. Episode 1: Write or Die Chat forum log

creativewriting is logged into the chat
[1:46:26 PM] BellaTatra is logged into the chat
[1:46:34 PM] hi
[1:46:38 PM] hi!
[1:47:36 PM] just getting some last min stuff together
[1:47:39 PM] kk
[1:47:42 PM] thanks for coming
[1:48:30 PM] you're welcome
[1:48:54 PM] Guest 2 is logged into the chat
[1:49:04 PM] allo! tis Kuu here.
[1:49:12 PM] hola
[1:49:43 PM] hi
[1:49:50 PM] I'm about to go call now
[1:50:13 PM] Guest 3 is logged into the chat
[1:50:22 PM] hi guest 3
[1:50:35 PM] Guest 4 is logged into the chat
[1:50:41 PM] hi!
[1:50:42 PM] hi guest 4
[1:51:07 PM] creativewriting is on the call
[1:51:44 PM] Guest 3 is on the call
[1:52:02 PM] lol
[1:52:12 PM] yup
[1:52:24 PM] I is still calling in
[1:52:36 PM] syl is guest 4
[1:52:45 PM] i don't have a phone, though.
[1:53:00 PM] you can type questions in
[1:53:01 PM] i'm just listening.
[1:53:51 PM] New York is on the call
[1:54:56 PM] gah, I can't figure this out
[1:55:13 PM] brb, lemme get phone help
[1:56:06 PM] Central Florida is on the call
[1:58:26 PM] S New Jersey is on the call
[1:58:36 PM] hm, can i change my name in here?
[1:58:39 PM] Guest 4 has left the chat
[1:58:39 PM] Guest 4 is logged into the chat
[1:58:52 PM] Guest 5 is logged into the chat
[1:59:07 PM] sorry, i got disconnected...still sylv
[2:02:14 PM] Numbers Guy is logged into the chat
[2:02:22 PM] hi numberws
[2:02:23 PM] Numbers Guy has left the chat
[2:05:37 PM] The recording has started.
[2:12:52 PM] i LOVE sucking on things when i write....
[2:13:11 PM] lol
[2:13:28 PM] this is fun
[2:14:47 PM] good advice
[2:16:16 PM] good book, Gotham's
[2:17:13 PM] lol
[2:18:29 PM] Write, Sly!
[2:18:56 PM] heron stone is logged into the chat
[2:19:21 PM] HELLO
[2:19:25 PM] hi!
[2:19:27 PM] rafamesak is logged into the chat
[2:19:47 PM] do we know u heron and rafamaesak
[2:20:13 PM] i write
[2:20:21 PM] XD
[2:21:07 PM] are you guys in high school?
[2:21:28 PM] um, I think we're a bit of a range
[2:21:55 PM] No
[2:22:38 PM] heron u want to join the conversation
[2:22:57 PM] SHIT... you owe it to your audience to read more slowly... train yourself
[2:23:11 PM] if you want to share your work with the rest of Earth
[2:23:15 PM] not too bad
[2:23:41 PM] heron stone has left the chat
[2:24:02 PM] Central Florida has hung up
[2:24:41 PM] Sylv are you still here?
[2:24:42 PM] okay, guys. i've gotta go.
[2:24:46 PM] aw
[2:24:48 PM] sylv has to leave. :(
[2:25:03 PM] Guest 5 has left the chat
[2:25:18 PM] rafamesak has left the chat
[2:25:56 PM] Guest 6 is logged into the chat
[2:26:02 PM] owlcrkbrg is logged into the chat
[2:26:07 PM] hi!
[2:26:43 PM] hi guest 6
[2:27:02 PM] hell
[2:27:02 PM] o
[2:27:13 PM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat
[2:27:51 PM] Beware when readers refer to your work as "interesting"
[2:27:55 PM] aw
[2:28:46 PM] Guest 6 has left the chat
[2:31:48 PM] ragasy is logged into the chat
[2:31:52 PM] Guest 7 has left the chat
[2:31:57 PM] hi!
[2:32:27 PM] DTown is logged into the chat
[2:32:52 PM] ragasy has left the chat
[2:34:36 PM] ritasue is logged into the chat
[2:35:37 PM] ritasue has left the chat
[2:36:03 PM] What is the point in doing that?
[2:36:52 PM] DTown has left the chat
[2:36:55 PM] Writing isn't like playing speed chess
[2:36:58 PM] super fast writing?
[2:37:07 PM] Nanowrimo
[2:37:14 PM] <3
[2:37:40 PM] What is the point in writing quickly?
[2:38:10 PM] getting the words out
[2:38:23 PM] huh?
[2:38:39 PM] Writing is like a video game?
[2:39:16 PM] it can be
[2:39:23 PM] Sounds stupid
[2:39:37 PM] it depends on what u like
[2:39:42 PM] nano isn't for everyone
[2:39:44 PM] I like quality
[2:40:00 PM] ask a question to the group owlcrkbrg
[2:40:12 PM] I don't write John Grisham type crap
[2:40:23 PM] What do you write?
[2:40:29 PM] Mostly poetry
[2:40:43 PM] It takes me sometimes years to write one poem
[2:41:02 PM] Would you like to join in on our conversation?
[2:41:13 PM] Thought I was joined in
[2:41:24 PM] Like voice chat?
[2:41:34 PM] What would like us to call you?
[2:41:35 PM] I hate talking on the phone
[2:42:04 PM] ok
[2:42:10 PM] Thx anyway
[2:42:18 PM] type a question
[2:42:35 PM] Have any favorite poets?
[2:42:50 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat
[2:43:12 PM] Reality TV shows suck
[2:43:24 PM] Most TV really, really sux
[2:43:26 PM] give a sec they will get to ur question
[2:43:50 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat
[2:44:03 PM] any other chat forum questions
[2:44:21 PM] Love James Merrill
[2:44:33 PM] Ever read his "The Black Swan"?
[2:44:38 PM] nope
[2:44:43 PM] Mya Angelou sux
[2:45:26 PM] any questions guest 9
[2:45:29 PM] Fine poem
[2:45:30 PM] guest 8
[2:45:35 PM] guest 4
[2:45:54 PM] William Carlos Williams rocks
[2:46:03 PM] shel silervstein rocks...I agree that Mya Angelou sux
[2:46:13 PM] Silverste8in is fun
[2:46:27 PM] But not great
[2:46:55 PM] Walt Whitman was the father of modern American poetry
[2:47:22 PM] You guys must have read Charles Bukowski
[2:47:28 PM] Great if you're 13...
[2:47:58 PM] Bukowski is good
[2:48:08 PM] Hello
[2:48:14 PM] Buk's prose is better than his poetry
[2:48:26 PM] All teens write "poetry"
[2:48:26 PM] Bingo!
[2:48:38 PM] there was a movie about him a couple of years ago
[2:48:53 PM] There are at least 2 movies about Buk
[2:48:59 PM] mat dillion
[2:48:59 PM] Bar Fly and Factotum
[2:50:03 PM] Hi
[2:50:53 PM] I recently interviewed a candidate for a scholarship who proclaimed herself a poet, but said she didn't read much poetry..duh!
[2:51:04 PM] lol
[2:51:27 PM] There are thousands of really, really bad "poets" out there
[2:52:28 PM] Thx Bella
[2:52:39 PM] I post poems in an online workshop called Wild Poetry Forum
[2:53:11 PM] I have learned a great deal about writing via online workshops
[2:53:18 PM] and they are free
[2:53:53 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat
[2:53:55 PM] Short for Owl Creek Bridge
[2:53:58 PM] Hi
[2:54:17 PM] Yep
[2:54:21 PM] Ambrose Bierce
[2:54:37 PM] ty
[2:54:45 PM] The short film of the story is on youtube
[2:55:13 PM] link please
[2:55:42 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat
[2:56:28 PM] SlySionnach is logged into the chat
[2:56:33 PM] The Ides of March demand I leave...
[2:56:38 PM] aw
[2:56:47 PM] Guest 9 has left the chat
[2:56:55 PM] by ceasar
[2:57:19 PM] whats the title owl
[2:57:32 PM] An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge
[2:58:10 PM] looking at it now
[2:58:53 PM] That is the short version. The long version is 23 mins. long
[2:59:05 PM] u did this
[2:59:08 PM] No
[2:59:36 PM] I have never put anything on youtube
[2:59:41 PM] ok
[3:00:02 PM] I first saw the movie on PBS when I was a kid
[3:00:17 PM] It was also shown on TwilightZone
[3:00:29 PM] SlySionnach has left the chat
[3:00:29 PM] SlySionnach is logged into the chat
[3:00:41 PM] SlySionnach has left the chat
[3:00:45 PM] _Nadia_ is logged into the chat
[3:00:46 PM] I hope to catch this group again
[3:00:54 PM] ok
[3:01:22 PM] The ladies sound very young to my 55 yr old ears
[3:01:32 PM] XD
[3:01:38 PM] I saved that link. Thx
[3:01:57 PM] SlySionnach is logged into the chat
[3:02:06 PM] to subscribe with itunes there
[3:02:31 PM] _Nadia_ has left the chat
[3:02:35 PM] Take care, y'all
[3:02:40 PM] owlcrkbrg has left the chat
[3:02:42 PM] SlySionnach has left the chat
[3:02:43 PM] The recording has ended.
[3:05:09 PM] New York has hung up